Cleanroom Ceiling Grid Systems

A good cleanroom ceiling system must be strong enough to support HEPA Filters without sagging and also strong enough to not have warps or twists which could cause gaps between grid and lay-in components.

Lasco Services manufactures two heavy-duty cleanroom ceiling grids. Unique to both grids is our slide-in gasket, which cures the problem of adhesive based gaskets that can degenerate over time. Our grids can be wire supported for lighter loads or rod-supported for heavier, even walkable loads. We also offer a Self-Supporting Version for spans 12’ or less.


T-Bolt Grid

The cleanroom side of the grid offers a continuous open slot that will accommodate T-bolts. This makes the grid perfect for hanging cable racks, ductwork, strip curtains, utilities, and much more. The grid comes with a snap-in cover to fit the opening if not needed.


Smooth Face Grid

The cleanroom side of this grid is smooth.

Finish Options

Clear Anodized
Powder Coat White

Suspension Options

Light Loads. Turnbuckle for wire support. This system is typical for ISO 7 and ISO 8 rooms where there are fewer HEPA FFUS. This system can be used for IS0 6 in ducted situations
Heavy Loads. 1/4 rod -20 for multiple FFUs or other loads on the ceiling system. For ISO 4 to ISO 6
Walkable loads
Self-Supporting. Very popular for self-supporting rooms that are 12’ or less in width. No requirement for any ceiling supports or internal trusses or columns
Vibration isolation
Seismic bracing


Alcon Labs
Air Force Research Lab
Maxim Semiconductor
Rose–Hulman Institute of Technology
Sachem Chemicals
University of Texas – Austin