Laminar Flow Hoods

A laminar flow hood, sometimes referred to as a laminar flow cabinet or tissue culture hood, is a tight enclosed bench or tabletop designed to prevent airborne contamination of semiconductor wafers, biological samples, or any particle sensitive materials.

In order to keep a flow hood clean, air is drawn through a HEPA filter and directed in a smooth, laminar flow towards the person using the flow hood. With this type of air flow, the material is protected from user-borne contaminants, but the user is not from the sample (therefore often requiring a full cleanroom gown and equipment). The flow hood must be built with no gaps or joints exposed where contaminants may build up and collect.

Lasco Services offers two standard laminar flow hoods: a free-standing model and a tabletop model. Both units have extruded aluminum framing with polycarbonate or acrylic side and back panels.

The HEPA or ULPA fan unit for both units requires 120V and has a sound rating under 60db.

Laminar Flow Hood Standard Sizes

51 in. wide x 27 in. deep x 72 in. high
Table Top
51 in. wide x 27 in. deep x 39 in. high