Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

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Integral to the working of a cleanroom is the passage of material in and out of the clean environment. A pass-through must provide a tight seal between clean and non-clean areas and allow enough space for the passage of materials.

Lasco's pass-throughs are meticulously crafted for exacting performance and integrated into our wall systems to improve the aesthetic appearance.

Pass-throughs can be made various sizes and fit in our modular walls, drywall, block or other partitions. Options include shelves, stainless steel construction, mechanical or electrical interlocks, full vision doors or solid doors with windows. The can also be customized to include gas purge systems, water tanks, and other specialty requirements.

Typical Construction of a Pass-through

Impact Resistant Aluminum Panels
Chemical Resistant Polypropylene
Clear Acrylic or Polycarbonate
Chrome Hinges and Door Latches
Stainless Steel Interior, all finishes
Aluminum or Stainless Steel Mounting Frames
Mechanical or Electronic Interlocks
Cart Pass-through
Gas Purge Systems
HEPA Filtered
Sizes from 12” x 12” x 6” to full height