Cleanroom Testing and Certification

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The Lasco Services team has designed, manufactured, and built hundreds of cleanrooms for a wide variety of industries. However, building a cleanroom is one thing, but making sure it stays clean is another. That’s why having your cleanroom routinely tested and checked is extremely important. Below is a guide on what it means to test them, how they’re tested, and your options when you do.

Cleanroom and critical environments are measured by the amount of air particles per cubic meter, thus the most important part of cleanrooms are their ability to filter air in and out. Cleanrooms are designed to use HEPA filtered air with specific airflow designs that suit the room and its required classification. In order to make sure that the cleanroom is staying clean, routine testing needs to be done.

Cleanroom testing includes but is not limited to:

  • Airflow volume and velocity measurements: single-direction and multi-direction flow areas must be properly balanced
  • Room air exchange rate (RAER): proper ventilation rate
  • Pressure Testing: rooms must meet a specific differential pressure
  • HEPA filter testing
  • Non-viable Particle Testing: amount of airborne particles per cubic meter in accordance with ISO 14644 classifications
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Airflow visualization
  • Environmental monitoring: checking air and physical surfaces for contaminants
  • Lighting & sound testing
  • Room recovery testing: testing whether or not a room is able to be cleaned back to baseline in the event of contamination exposure.