175 Cleanroom Wall System

The Lasco 175 is an inexpensive, aesthetic, functional way to create a cleanroom environment for both new construction and retrofits.

Use the Lasco 175 System to laminate existing walls or create perimeter return air chases. The Lasco 175 system provides an excellent alternative to epoxy or painted surfaces. It can also be used for bulkheading around cleanroom equipment, creating pass-throughs, and serving as a bay wall.

175 Specs

Return Air Chases
Width 4 feet, 8 to 12 feet high. Custom sizes available
Width 4 feet, 8 to 12 feet high, but we have done up to 30 feet high
Aluminum Honeycomb, Aluminum Composite Panels, Polypro, PVC, Acrylic, and Laminate Boards
Panel Thickness
1/8 inch and 1/4 inch
Panel Finishes
Standard, Polyester, Epoxy and Static Dissipative


  • Okmetic
  • Sachem
  • Texas Instruments
  • NASA
  • Texas Ultra Pure
  • Hitachi