235 Cleanroom Wall System

The Lasco 235 Wall System is an extremely versatile and flexible cleanroom wall system.

Because it employs aluminum framing, trim, retainers and panels, it eliminates the vinyl glazing that could melt and jeopardize wall integrity during a fire. Framing members have an integral strut raceway to mount utilities on the back and shelving, racks, and furniture on the front. Windows are incorporated as modular panels, not cut into panel, hence windows are easily added and removed at will. Wall can be removed in sections. Modular doors can be relocated to any wall section.

Its primary uses include versatile modular wall systems, cleanroom bay walls, partition walls, return air walls, shaft enclosures, clean office enclosures and freestanding cleanroom walls.

235 Options

Typically 4 feet modular sections. Height can extend up to 26 feet
2 inches thick
1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 2 inch
Panel Material
Typically aluminum composite or honeycomb System can accommodate laminate particle board panel, poly pro, PVC, acrylic, lexan, and tempered glass
Panel Finishes
Static Dissipative, epoxy, and polyester finishes


  • Texas Instruments
  • ST Microeletronics
  • NASA
  • Dallas Semiconductor
  • National Semiconductor
  • and numerous others