CTS A cleanroom for work on LED monitors, flat panels, and mobile phone screens

Project Details

  • CTS wanted to relocate and existing cleanroom and add it to their current one
  • Project had to be completed in one month
  • The new combined cleanroom needed to have temperature control
  • Lasco completed this project due to their aggressive and well-timed schedule

Project Description

CTS, a company specializing in the repair of electronic devices, requires cleanrooms for the work on LED monitors, flat panels, and mobile phone screens. In 2011, they currently had a 1900 sf cleanroom in Houston, TX and needed much more space. They also owned an older dormant 3000 sf cleanroom in a facility in California. They wanted to remove this cleanroom and add it to their current cleanroom. And because CTS had just landed another large customer, they needed it to happen quick.

Another issue CTS faced was that their Houston cleanroom was a one-pass cleanroom that utilized only the current warehouse air for its cooling. This meant the cleanroom did not have any temperature control. So when we were performing the cleanroom relocation they also wanted to convert the existing cleanroom into a self-contained air conditioned cleanroom. For the new relocated cleanroom, Lasco added a new 15-ton rooftop unit and reconstructed that cleanroom to also be a self-contained cleanroom.

In order to accomplish this project in one month, Lasco devised and executed an aggressive and well-timed schedule. Lasco removed, packed, and shipped the California cleanroom during the first week of February, while another crew, at the same time epoxied the floor for the relocated cleanroom in Houston. After the materials arrived, Lasco’s crews worked 7 days a week working simultaneously on the walls, HVAC, and subcontracting the fire protection and electrical work. One month after the first work began, Lasco certified CTS’ now 4800 sf self-contained, fully conditioned cleanroom.

Read the letter from CTS to Lasco