Frito Lay Effecient, effective particle removal

Project Description

Frito-Lay contacted Lasco Services about devising an air shower to remove hair and other large particles from personnel as they entered the plant. The chip manufacturer required personnel to use lint rollers before entering, which removed hair, but many employees did not use them and those that did, often didn't use them as thoroughly as needed. Lasco took on the task of devising an air shower that would have a 100% participation rate and would effectively remove human hair and other particles.

Lasco spent a year designing, developing and testing a prototype that was ultimately installed in Frito-Lay's Lubbock, Texas plant. Complaints of hair in packages of chips manufactured at that plant dropped immediately and remain consistently low. Given these impressive results, Frito-Lay encouraged the use of the Lasco 2000 Air Shower to all of its plants throughout the world.

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