GEM Microelectronic Materials Extreme cleanroom conditions

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Project Description

GEM Microelectronic Materials, LLC (formerly Texas Ultra Pure) manufactures ultra pure process chemicals for the electronics industry. In order to produce these chemicals, GEM Microelectronic Materials must maintain extreme cleanroom conditions and use only materials that will not corrode in harsh chemical filling areas.

GEM Microelectronic Materials's parent company created and implemented a process in Japan and Taiwan to produce the purest process chemicals in the world. The goal was to transfer this process into an American production facility. In designing and building the chemical filling cleanrooms, Lasco Services integrated the Japanese specifications and experience with the best of American cleanroom technology to create a true state of the art chemical production facility. Lasco Services built the cleanrooms with locally obtained materials and easily replaceable components. The cleanrooms continue to exceed the customer's specifications and have been maintenance friendly facilities ever since.

Lasco Services designed and built the following for the Filling and QA Inspection Cleanrooms:

  • Fire rated drywall partitions, cleanroom walls, and cleanroom ceilings
  • HVAC, HEPA filtration, and carbon filtration
  • Drum conveying system
  • Quick purge mode and alarm system integrated into the HVAC system in case of spills
  • Automated passthroughs with Lasco designed automatic vertical rise doors
  • Custom cleanroom area for large chemical containers
  • Three-story four-sided viewing shaft for the production building
  • Class 100 filling booths designed to resist corrosive chemicals allowing access for testing, loading equipment and personnel.