Modular Cleanrooms Self-contained cleanrooms for a specific purpose

Cleanroom 101

If you're not sure what you need, you're not alone. Cleanrooms are often a one-time purchase for a specific task or operation. If you need to learn more about cleanrooms, we can help. Give us a call at 800-815-2726 and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

A modular cleanroom is a self-contained room that provides a high degree of filtered air for a specific process. The size and type of room depends on the process and its particular needs.


USP 797 Compliant Cleanroom Worksheet
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Lasco Services can design and construct modular cleanrooms that are completely self-contained with their own air conditioning or re-circulate existing building air through HEPA filters. Your cleanroom can have hard modular walls or plastic strip curtains. We specialize in determining the best type of modular cleanroom for your needs and giving you the most "bang for the buck" because we know how to use the most cost-effective material for the job. We manufacture a variety of different wall and ceiling systems, and stock and distribute a number of others. We also stock cleanroom lighting, HEPA filters, and other cleanroom components, so they're ready when you need them.

What You Need

Determining your needs is the first step. Our modular cleanroom worksheet has most of the questions that will need answered to prepare your quote or just give us a call at 800-81-LASCO and we can guide you through the process. Lasco Services has over a decade of experience in designing and building cleanrooms. All of our installers must pass extensive cleanroom construction classes, protocol training, and safety classes. We also provide long-term maintenance and service for all of our cleanrooms.

What We've Done

  • spray applications
  • critical measurement and analysis
  • circuit board printing
  • automotive valve production
  • surgical tools
  • high purity welding
  • medical device production
  • satellites
  • optics
  • wafer carriers
  • gowning rooms
  • defense systems

Theses are just a few of the processes we've built cleanrooms for and the list goes on and on. If you're interested in learning more about our cleanroom solutions, check out our case studies.