Perkins Aircraft Services Immediate rebuild after a devastating tornado

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Project Description

On March 28, 2000, tornadoes devastated downtown Fort Worth, Texas, causing around $300,000,000 in damage and loss. Perkins Aircraft Services, manufacturer of aircraft windshields, had the roof ripped off of their facility. Violent winds completely destroyed the cleanroom where they performed a key operation in their manufacturing process. Perkins' employees began working furiously to rebuild the main facility, while they contacted Lasco Services for help in re-building the cleanroom.

Most cleanroom components have long lead times, especially true at the time because of the boom in the semiconductor market. Waiting twelve weeks for a new cleanroom would be as devastating as the tornado on Perkins' business. Lasco visited the site, helped Perkins re-design their new cleanroom, and was able to provide all the materials for immediate construction.

Lasco Services maintains an inventory of cleanroom construction materials: ceiling grids and tiles, wall systems, HEPA filters, cleanroom lights, etc. Lasco also provided construction guidance to Perkins' employees and together they got the cleanroom up and running in only a few weeks.