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Project Description

When Tyco Healthcare decided to move one of its surgical tool operations to Fort Worth, Texas, they needed not only a 3000 square foot cleanroom that met their own stringent requirements, but it had to be built in less than six weeks. Tyco contacted Lasco Services and asked if we were up to the challenge. Because of the tight schedule a penalty clause was requested in case the project was not completed on time. After checking with suppliers, Lasco accepted the challenge to build a new cleanroom in an old machine shop area.

A simple ducted HEPA design was chosen with six, low-wall return chases to accommodate airflow. Lasco designed the cleanroom with two floor mounted split system HVAC units. Lasco immediately began the architectural work and installation of the refrigerant lines. Although the room's layout design was destined to be modified as equipment rolled in - the anticipated power requirements were wired into the plenum above the ceiling. A few drops for the ceiling supported electrical wire mold system were installed allowing for flexibility in room design. Compressed air drops were made and capped. Exhaust fans with capped ducts were centrally located in the room. Just six weeks after the project was started, the cleanroom, complete with lockers, gowning racks, and benches easily passed its certification requirements and was operational for 50 newly hired employees to begin production.

Lasco Services rose to the challenge of a very time sensitive project and still provided an exceptional finished product for its client. Imagine what we could do for you.